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    About us

    TECA (B) Sdn Bhd is a registered Public Works Department Class IV specialist contractor providing high quality specialist services in the field of geotechnical, geological, geophysical, environmental and ground engineering.

    Incorporated in 1988 in Brunei Darussalam, our company operates a laboratory equipped to carry out a wide range of soil, concrete/material, coarse aggregates, bricks, water and cement tests. Our laboratory is one of the few laboratories accredited to PBD/ISO/IEC/17025 by the Ministry of Development in Brunei Darussalam. Our highly experienced personnel employ cutting-edge equipment to carry out field and laboratory tests for civil engineering works across both public and private sectors in Brunei Darussalam, including the construction and oil and gas industries.


    Experts with experience deliver always.

    We have successfully completed more than 1550 projects in Brunei and Malaysia since our inception in 1988. A detailed list is available upon request.


    • Soil investigation, geotechnical analysis and foundation design
    • Slope protection and erosion control
    • Micropiling, soil nailing and rock anchoring
    • Geological and geophysical survey
    • Field and laboratory soil, water, material and pile testing
    • Groundwater exploration and well construction
    • Soil improvement and stabilization
    • Geotechnical instrumentation
    • Concrete cube and brick testing
    • Underground utility detection survey
    • Non-destructive structural tests
    • Environmental engineering services
    • Supply of laboratory equipment
    • Natural resource exploration and mapping


    A rich history, a diverse scope of work.

    Since our inception in 1988, we have successfully completed more than 1550 projects in the fields of geoscience, environment, ground engineering and laboratory testing in both Brunei and Malaysia.

    TECA has in its direct possession a wide selection of drill rigs, including large size crawler-based top-drive rotary drill rigs capable of drilling water wells or for large diameter micropiling works, percussion rigs and compact skid-based rotary drill rigs suitable for soil investigation, ground anchor or soil nail drilling. Aside from drilling rigs, the company possesses 200KN Cone Penetrometer (Piezocone), Mostap Continuous Sampler, seismic survey equipment, various geotechnical test instruments, monitoring loggers, resistivity meter, field geonor vane and a wide range of laboratory equipment.

    In line with our mission statement, strengths and values, TECA actively pursues the continuous upgrading of its services, promotion of professionalism, introduction and acquisition of latest technology and equipment in the diverse field of specialist engineering works.


    TECA’s mission is to be Trustworthy, Efficient, Competent and Accurate in providing solutions for our clients’ every need in the fields of geoscience, environmental and ground engineering.


    TECA prides itself on excellent service with integrity intact.

    Our Strengths

    For nearly three decades, we have completed more than 1550 projects of specialist nature across Brunei and Malaysia, giving us a wealth of experience in our areas of practice. As one of the few laboratories in Brunei Darussalam accredited to the ISO17025 accreditation scheme under the Ministry of Development, we provide dependable, top-quality service to all our clients. Our staffs are a qualified, adept and long-serving workforce that looks out for your best interests, and this complements our rich experience and cutting-edge equipment to make us a leader in the field of geoscience, environmental and ground engineering in Brunei Darussalam.

    Our Values

    We believe that ‘honesty is the best policy’, even in the highly competitive world of business. Throughout almost three decades of performance on the market, we have cultivated a reputation of integrity and professionalism in dealing with clients and business partners across the world, prioritizing your trust in us as the foundation of our company. Completing our projects on time and to exceptional standards is at the heart of our mission. Ethics are as important to us, as they are to you.